Flushing Summerfest 2023 Beer Tent is Huge Success

June 14, 2023

There was standing room only on Friday night for the Rock and Roll concert. We didn’t hear many complaints (actually only 1 from a guy that showed up already intoxicated). The concert Saturday night wasn’t as crowded and the older people that were there for the Beetles Tribute Band didn’t buy as many beverages.

The lucky winner of the Yeti cooler had purchased 10 tickets. He said his wife has wanted a Yeti and he saw this as a opportunity to fulfill the adage “Happy wife, happy life”.

We all want to thank Cindy for such a wonderful job of organizing this fundraising event in such a short amount of time. And what a great job by our non-member volunteers from CANUSA and Whaley Children’s Center. The people from Whaley worked on Friday evening and the CANUSA gang we’re around for Thursday setup, Friday and Saturday.

Cindy tells me she has her notepad where she took lots of notes so that we can make 2024 Flushing Summerfest an even bigger success. We should be able to work out all the minor quirks from 2023. Soon we will start a committee then we will start accepting sponsorships.