Newsletter – April 27, 2023

April 27, 2023

President Bill as “Thorn between Two Roses”

Mindy Williams, CEO of Whaley Children’s Center (on far right) and Olivia Nagel, Whaley’s Development Director (on left) spoke with us today about Whaley’s recent past, present activities, and near future. Minors aged 5-17 years who are placed in the foster care system (many have 12-15 prior placements before coming into Whaley) are brought into Whaley’s “family” where they receive physical, social, nutritional, and economic stability, nurturance and training in a safe group care setting. Whaley’s programs are financially supported by government and foundation money and Whaley’s fundraising efforts (“Tuxes & Tennies” gala, annual Golf Outing, and Mindy’s rooftop “campout” that generated $110K last year). This year, “The World’s Greatest Office Party” (usually around Christmas season) will return from its “Pandemic Hiatus”, as.well. Mindy told us about the Optimist House (“ALWAYS full!”) getting some siding and gutter upgrades this year, how the RECLAIMED venture is going, the new “Journey Home” transitional residence for 16- to 21-year-old youth moving into independent status and skill development, and the difficulty in getting the complex educational service needs addressed for Whaley youth, given the tumultuous developments in Flint’s public education system. Responding to a question, Mindy noted that Whaley does not presently need (and cannot spatially accommodate) additional luggage for transitioning youth.

Mindy also offered a crew of “5 volunteers” for Friday of the upcoming Summerfest Tent operation, which was a topic of Club discussion this morning. Ken Cullen was very upset about the Club’s lack of communication regarding “the proper shirt” for today, resulting in a couple silly fines, but very few passed today as we were conscious of avoiding embarrassment in front of our 3 guests – Mindy and Olivia (mentioned above) and Jeff Gauger (return visitor and Prospective Member?). Rich Lewis held the “lucky ticket” today but failed to find the Queen of Diamonds for the $195 “Progressive 50/50 Pot”.

At least 2 “crews” were committed to Sleep in Heavenly Peace assemblies this weekend. (Thanks to Steve Schlott, Phil Holmblade, Jim Reigle, and Greg Hilliker!)

Message from Sleep in Heavenly Peace on Wednesday:

“Four more kids will sleep in safe, warm beds of their own tonight thanks to this dedicated team. That makes 16 this month with four more going out Saturday.”