Newsletter – April 4, 2024

April 10, 2024

Our 2 guests, Olivia and Kendall from Whaley Children’s Center

reminded and updated us on the purposes, programs, and people at Whaley. They were excited to share and celebrate one particular “success story” of a young man who surpassed his history of an abusive and deficient home and family environment to become an integrated and important member of Whaley’s community and is now using  his own driver’s license to go to and from his college classes! Three “Cottages” on the Whaley campus and the “Zonta” and “Optimist Houses” (see photo of Optimist House below) serve the 5-17-year-olds and are now augmented with “Journey Home” independent living for 16-21-year-olds who manage their own meals, medication, and work schedules. Whaley employs approximately 120 staff (maintaining a child/staff ratio of 3/1) and 80% of their funding derives from State support. Thank you, Steve Schlott, for arranging for these engaging young women to speak with us!

Jeff Dennings created a Sponsor Link (click here) that you can use, send, or otherwise act on for our Club’s Summerfest event. Note that the link also has payment possibilities, membership, and contact information on the page.

Bill Hentgen announced that the Cultural Center has a “Mix & Mingle” fundraiser on April 17th and that a Jazz at MacArthur concert event is on May 3 at 7:00 p.m..

Jack Medemar announced that May 10 is Special Olympics competition and he will send around a sign-up sheet in weeks to come.

After several fines were assessed against those who proposed no fines and tried to pass off car wash tokens as payment, our exasperated Treasurer Jeff Dennings could not locate the culprit who added a single penny to our coffers for the $937.01 “50/50 Progressive Pot” that no one has yet won.

Until next time, “Promise Yourself…”