Newsletter – August 24, 2023

August 30, 2023

Bill Ballenger, Political Commentator & Podcaster,

gave us (thirteen members and one guest) an interesting viewpoint on State and County politics – past, present, and future. For example, he discussed the recent “debate” among the raft of GOP Presidential “candidates” and the role of the “non-debator” as well, and he noted that Michigan will have over 11,000 offices up for votes next year. Bill also shared some of the history of his family and the family’s role in Flint area history: Ballenger Park is named for his grandfather (for whom Bill is named), who was Treasurer for Flint Wagon Works (which became Buick) and is not publicly owned but maintained by a private trust. Ballenger Highway was also named for him, and what is now McLaren Hospital is named for a dedicated  nurse favored by Bill’s namesake. He also gave us some of his reflections on his personal political history, having become a legislator at 27 and serving in several capacities as an elected or appointed official. Thank you, Joe Farah, for bringing Mr. Ballenger in as guest speaker.

Jack Medemar held the “lucky” ticket for the “Progressive 50/50” drawing, but he could not find the Queen of Diamonds to nail down the $921 pot!

We missed President Bill Reaves today due to the need to address some health concerns, but Bill plans to be installed this weekend as Lt. Gov. in Optimists’ Michigan District and Jack Proffitt did a good job of standing in for Bill. Mike Butts is missed, too, recovering at home with some cardiac issues (per Steve Schlott). Mindy Williams had to deal with a flooding issue at one of Whaley’s houses, Bonnie Kelley is needing back surgery and could not be with us, Phil Holmblade is manning the workforce for the Ally Challenge, and Rich Lewis is preparing to open a new office in Flushing (Open House is 3-7 p.m. on Tues., 8/29, at 1429 Flushing Road) so is sweeping the floor for expected guests.

Fines today included Jack Medemar fining Mic Goulet for “showing off his legs” and Mic retaliated with a fine for Jack’s “fixed stare” at his legs. Mic also fined Jeff Dennings for ordering his own breakfast before making sure that Jeff’s mother, “Cookie” had her meal ordered, especially so close to her 90th birthday (this week!) and Jeff was charged with another fine for continuing to bring family members to breakfast as “guests” interested in the Club.  Joe Farah paid one fine for confusing everyone by “arriving early for 2 weeks in a row” and another for “standing far enough away from his guest speaker that he could easily be cropped out”; Dan Crannie passed a fine against the entire Club because he was the only one present with a granddaughter named “Blueberry Queen” in Montrose’s annual festivities; and Steve Schlott passed a fine against “anyone not competing in this weekend’s Crim Festival of Races.

Until next time, “Promise Yourself…”