Newsletter – August 3, 2023

August 3, 2023

8-3-23 Meeting

Jeff Natchez 

came to speak with us this morning about his role and general nomination issues and processes for the Greater Flint Area Sports Hall of Fame. An area optometrist now, Jeff was drafted by the Detroit Tigers several years ago after his outstanding multi-sport  high school career. His interest in area sports has continued, and he now is encouraging nominations to the Hall of Fame that recognizes Flint (and its surrounds) great reputation for athletes in many college and professional sports. Along with interesting anecdotes regarding well-known names, Jeff told of his own experiences with our own members, John and Joe Farah, in their early athletic “careers”. He ‘fielded” questions regarding lengths and reasons for waiting for professional athletes, impressions of HOF nominees and speakers over the years, location of the GFAHOF photos (at Genesys running track presently), his own participation in the nomination and selection of candidates, and the fact that “Distinguished Contributors” to area sports can also be nominated. Since only 6-7 nominees are chosen every year, many worthy candidates and nominees have never been selected for the HOF. (They do remain on the list for future consideration, though.)

Joe Farah introduced the speaker this morning, even though his “Cousin John” originated the scheduling of the speaker, prompting some fining activity for Joe’s “theft” by Jeff Dennings. Jeff also fined Joe “for arriving on time” and being unfamiliar with usual meeting opening activities. Greg Hilliker paid a fine for appearing “too happy” (see attached photo) while engaged in work for  Sleep in Heavenly Peace, and Jeff Dennings was fined for failing “to be as enthusiastic about the success of others as you are about your own” (part of the Optimist Creed), and Mic Goulet fined Joe for failure to appreciate “parliamentary procedure” and for fawning over “King Steve” Schlott. Mic also fined Jack Proffitt and Jeff Gauger just because no one else had done so.

Mic noted that the Club is sponsoring a golf team for the Special Olympics Fundraiser in Lapeer at 9 on Sunday, August 6, and that several Club volunteers are committed to helping out with the Special Olympics Softball Skills event on the 12th at Elmer Knopf.

Steve reviewed plans for the CANUSA athletes’ return to Flint on the 13th and how we will be informed as they reenter the State. He also noted that one of the miniature beds that he is constructing is complete and the other nearing completion, for the purpose of placement in strategic location and raising community awareness and financial and material donations for Sleep in Heavenly Peace. (Bueches and Colonial Lanes may be target spots for support.)

The “50/50 Progressive Pot” continues to grow (now at $775) since Jeff Dennings “Reiki” discernment of the cards failed again.

Until next time, “Promise Yourself…”

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