Newsletter – December 28, 2023

January 3, 2024

 December 28, 2023

Angela Williams from Wines for Humanity

 (with President Cindy Sullivan in photo above) informed the Club about the company that seeks to “make a difference in the world -one glass at a time!”  Angela is an “Independent Wine advisor” who plans wine-tasting events, brings curated wines (from all over the world) to the events and collects orders for bottles of wine, wine club subscriptions, custom-made labels, and other tastings that are scheduled, with a substantial percentage of money going to charitable organizations identified by the sponsor of the tasting. Angela indicated that over $110,000 has been donated to charities through “Wines for Humanity” and that 25% of their activity is in Michigan, although the organization is licensed in many states. (Several of the identified charities are folks that we have donated to or worked with.) Possible fundraising collaborations came to mind, and we will  be contacting her to explore some of them in preparation for future fund-raiser options and events.

Natalie Fox, from Red Fox Realty, and Karen Lorenc, from Flushing Christian Outreach, were inducted into WFOC membership this morning by Lt. Gov. Bill Reaves. (See “Events” posting on this website.) Welcome to our newest members!

Bill and our Secretary/Treasurer Jeff Dennings are to be featured in the next “Opti-Views” magazine and this prompted a fine against all Club members who are NOT featured! (Most recent past edition available if you click here.)

Joe Farah circulated a sheet to sign up for participation in a game watch for the Detroit Lions/Dallas Cowboys NFL game on Friday but too many members had other plans and would not be able to attend. Thanks anyway, Joe!

Prez Cindy drew the lucky ticket for our “50/50 Progressive Pot” but did not draw the lucky Queen of Diamonds, so the pot continues to grow beyond today’s $221.

Correction: In a previous newsletter, Steve Schlott was misidentified as one of the 3 team members who most recently worked to build beds for Sleep in Heavenly Peace, and not wanting to rob someone else of recognition, Steve noted that “Steve F.” was, in fact, the “Steve who assisted. (We have worked with him on prior SHP ventures, but we do not know his last name yet!) I will apologize for this the next time we cross paths.

Finally, I am attaching a photo of a handmade card and handmade ornament card that I received from a Boys and Girls Club student because of our sponsorship of events and equipment for the Club. Riley wishes us, and I wish you “Happy Holidays” and a “blessed New Year”!

Until next time, “Promise Yourself…”

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