Newsletter – February 29, 2024

March 11, 2024

Josh Fields, Project Manager for Greater Flint Health Coalition,

spoke at length about the “Supplemental and Emergency Food” system in the area and the unappreciated breadth and availability of food resources in the Flint/Genesee communities. Josh noted  that many “apparently” affluent areas of our local communities have “high poverty” areas and needs complicated by weather crises, disaster events, unemployment situation, transportation disruptions or difficulties, and geographic distance to affordable and healthy eating options. (Trinity Assembly of God alone serves 4500 regularly!) In addition to these issues, absence of information resources means that online registration, inquiry, or documentation is difficult for many, and that some people may get to a food distribution source after passing 4-6 other distributive options en route! Josh talked about the types of food (canned, perishable, freshly grown, etc.) that can be accessed via roughly 80 distribution centers, mentioning that Door Dash can be available for delivery at some sites, virtually all  Senior Centers in all our communities have food availability, and resources for food preparation and recipes are part of the Coalition’s informational mission (e.g., SNAP money can be used for purchase of seeds and plants for home gardens, “bee-keeping” classes are available, and many communities in our area allow a household to have 2-6 live chickens ).  (Josh promised, and delivered, a “complete-as-can-be-given-unanticipated-events” 10-page listing of options and anyone interested in this can get it from Club leaders or Josh.) Thank you, Karen Lorenc, for arranging this good presentation!

On this highly unusual 5th weekly meeting of February, President Cindy Sullivan “leapt” into the meeting promptly at 7:30 a.m., assigning leaders for the Pledge and Invocation and granting Greg Hilliker the (temporary) gift of immunity from fines by naming him “TailTwister” for the day’ fine collections. Of the group’ 16 present members, only “King” Jeff Dennings seemed perturbed by this but Cindy sidestepped the power struggle of “King’s fine passes” and “TailTwister never pays” by asserting her ultimate authority and closing fines abruptly.

The Club had a good turnout and a lot of fun (if not a lot of fallen pins) at this year’s Big Brothers/Big Sisters Bowling fundraiser.

Sleep in Heavenly Peace had a good Assembly Day last week (19 kids in new beds) with our Club’s participation, and there will be another this weekend.

Rich Lewis is shaking hands as a “Southpaw”, saving his right arm/hand for the physicians to address.

Bill Hentgen had a chance for the money in our “50/50 Progressive Pot” but did not draw the Queen of Diamonds, so the pot grows to $664.

PROGRAM Schedule:

  • MARCH (Cindy Sullivan announced)
    • 7- Gail Garrison from Flint Chamber of Commerce
    • 14- Scott Rose from Genesee Career Institute (formerly “Skill Center”)
  • APRIL (Steve Schlott announced)
    • 4-  Whaley leadership
    • 11- Joe Karlichek, Flushing Mayor
    • Dates will be clarified for VOICES for Children, and CANUSA leaders

Until next time, “Promise Yourself…”