Newsletter- July 13, 2023

July 13, 2023

July 13, 2023

Tiffani Wharry from Family Promise (with President Bill Reaves and her new Optimist coffee mug)

spoke with us this morning about this remarkable “homelessness” prevention operation. This energetic woman (mom of 3 boys and roller derby competitor) serves as executive director of an effort to assist those at risk of homelessness (82% of whom have jobs) by coordinating short-term shelter options, money management training, and emergency information and referral support. She also has at her disposal a 26’ camper, and “Almost Home” (accommodations for 3-5 families at a time), as well as “hosting” by 17 area churches and the support of 15 more. This has allowed the organization to serve 871 children in the last year (compared to 115 individuals in 2018) and to drop the average “days in shelter” to 32 (compared to the other agencies’ averages of 90-120), on an annual budget of no more than $220K. Tiffani is working hard to change the “homeless” stereotype from an adult who announces the status on the street corner to generate financial support to the more accurate  child who is embarrassed by the need and status that derives from sudden catastrophic upheaval.

SINCERE APOLOGY: I am sorry, Art Ridley, for misidentifying you as a “former” member! My bad! (Thanks to Steve Schlott for bringing this to my attention!) And thanks to Art for volunteering his time and skills to Sleep in Heavenly Peace bed-building!

Sleep in Heavenly Peace is requesting that 2 “mini-beds” be built as demonstration models to be used in generating donations of money and bedding, and a couple of our members have volunteered their efforts for the venture.

Sheila Gafney is looking for volunteers for a Special Olympics “Softball Skills”  event on August 12. No particular “skills” are required for the volunteers, who will be judging and scoring at the event. Let Mic Goulet know if you are interested.

Bill Reaves is welcoming volunteers for his church’s (Holy Spirit Lutheran in Grand Blanc) monthly food distribution program. 


Jeff Dennings briefly reviewed the Club’s finances and suggested that we may be adopting a dues increase in light of increasing Optimist International dues and restaurant charges. 

Cindy Sullivan noted the succession in redressing police department overcharges and gave rough final members for the successful Summerfest beverage tent project. 


Cindy’s husband, Tim, is undergoing daily testing to identify possible heart and kidney issues. Please keep them in mind.

A MusicFest is coming up in 2 weeks at Holy Spirit Lutheran Church in Grand Blanc (where Prez Bill and Phil Holmblade attend), with games, food trucks, etc..

Ice Cream Social is “tomorrow” (now past) at Riverview Park in Flushing. (Cindy Sullivan and Greg Hilliker were there to scoop and serve.)

Notable fines this week included one against Jeff Dennings “for disparaging Cindy by name”, one against Greg Hilliker “for having to consult with his social director” to schedule activities, and one “against anyone prepaying” fines.

Mic Goulet bought the “lucky” ticket for today’s “50/50 Progressive Pot” but did not draw the elusive Queen of Diamonds for the $632.


July 20 – Becky Martin from Be Light Ministries

July 27 – Greg Dietrich from Mundy Twp.

Aug. 3 – Jeff Natchez from Greater Flint Area Sports Hall of Fame (T