Newsletter – June 1, 2023

June 1, 2023

At today’s breakfast meeting, 19 of us gathered in an “open Meeting” (no guest speaker scheduled) specifically devoted to “last-minute” arrangements for the Flushing Summerfest and the Club’s management of the Beverage Tent over this coming weekend. Cindy Sullivan, our Project Leader for the event, talked about the need for finalizing liability insurance, the acquisition and desirability of sponsorship, the numbers of volunteers from other organizations we serve (several from CANUSA , Whaley Childrens Center, and Special Olympics), the “Party Raffle” of a YETI cooler filled with libations and snack food items to be auctioned off on Saturday, and the amounts to be charged for beer, wine, and water. Work assignments and shifts were distributed along with the distinctive “volunteer” shirts to be worn at the tent. (See photo.)

Additional material discussed today included Bill Hentgen’s review of Cultural Center events and developments, as well as Steve Schlott’s account of another “twin bed and bunk” assembly for Sleep in Heavenly Peace by our membership.