Newsletter – June 22, 2023

June 22, 2023

Chad Young, Mundy Township Manager,

spoke with us today, noting the ongoing changes and the unique character of this 35-square-mile “bedroom community” that includes 5 school districts. Chad emphasized a cause that we have supported, the Miracle Field for barrier-free and inclusive baseball games in the 100-acre park  that also has sled hills and walking trails. Members asked him some questions regarding economic development and citizen ambivalence about changes, which were handled sensitively and diplomatically, showing Chad’s desire to keep conversations going with respect despite differences.

We also welcomed new member Mindy Williams, CEO of Whaley Children’s Center, with Steve Schlott wearing the King’s crown and sash (for now?) and President Bill Reaves formalizing Mindy’s membership. (See photo below.)

A luncheon meeting of the Flushing Chamber of Commerce regarding the completion of this year’s Summerfest is at noon today at Kathy’s in Flushing, and Pres. Bill, Phil Holmblade, and Greg Hilliker will attend to participate in the discussion about past and future community activities. (Wow! It takes 3 of us to offset Cindy Sullivan’s absence!?)

A Board Meeting will occur this evening (Zoom), so contact Jeff Dennings or Bill Reaves if you wish to attend and do not have a link.

Jeff Dennings discussed a possible interservice project being considered and will bring more information as the components and direction become clear.

The Club has a team going out this morning to construct beds for Sleep in Heavenly Peace and it includes one new member (Jeff Gauger), one former member (Art Ridley-good to see you, Art!), and one “veteran” (Steve Schlott).

The Queen of Diamonds continues to elude the “lucky ticket” winners, so the “50/50 Progressive Pot” continues to grow beyond $500!

Until next time, Promise Yourself…” 


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