Newsletter – June 4, 2024

Tracy Tucker
June 7, 2024

Attendance and Atmosphere: 

Eighteen members gathered for this morning’s meeting, making for a good turnout. However, some members were a bit rowdy, leading to President Cindy being fined for losing control of the meeting. The entire east side of the room had to pay the penalty.

Guest Appearance: 

Jack Proffitt brought his grandson, Landon, as a guest. Jack mostly behaved himself this morning, perhaps influenced by Landon’s presence.

Flushing SummerFest Updates: 

There was extensive discussion about the Flushing SummerFest beverage tent. President Cindy circulated a signup sheet for workers to cover days from setup to operation to teardown. If you haven’t committed to any day/time slots yet, please reach out to Cindy. All sponsorships have been sold, marking a significant achievement!

Guest Speaker: Tracy Tucker: 

Michael Goulet introduced Tracy Tucker, the Economic Development Director for Flint Township, as our guest speaker. Tracy, who has a long association with Flint Township, spoke about numerous ongoing and upcoming initiatives and projects. The photo of President Cindy and Tracy commemorates the occasion. Thank you, Tracy, for an interesting and informative presentation!

SHP Bed Deliveries: 

Jeff Gauger recounted the SHP bed deliveries from last week, involving Jeff, Phil Holmblade, Jack Medemar, and Steve Schlott. Additionally, a crew consisting of Jeff, Jack, and Steve went out again today after the meeting to deliver another five beds, with help from Job Corps students.

Afternoon Gathering Reminder:

 Jeff Dennings reminded everyone of the “unofficial afternoon WFOC gathering” taking place this afternoon.

Next Week’s Program: 

Next week’s program, organized by Mic, will feature Tim Jones, Head of 911 for Genesee County.

Stay tuned for more updates and continue to support our community initiatives!