Newsletter – May 23, 2024

May 23, 2024

Mic Goulet awarded by Optimist International and Lt. Gov. Bill Reaves

for his many contributions to the Club and the community, most notably for having recruited and sponsored a fifth Club member. Mic spent some time in today’s meeting recounting (with exhibits) contributions by former members of the Club and documenting some of the Club’s social and service history. Others added commentary about past years and celebrated the changes that have occurred over the years and the vitality of the Club today.

19 members shared breakfast and discussion today that covered;

Flushing Summerfest 2024  license and liability insurance acquisition, full sponsorship for the upcoming event, and scheduling plans (to be completed soon, per President Cindy Sullivan);

Dan Crannie’s return from his Ireland cruise vacation and stories of interesting cultural, culinary, and other observations (including signage);

50-year member Ron Ballard’s recent memorial service;

Joe Farah’s invitation for the Club to come to a Detroit Lions Game Watch at his house this fall;

An informal meeting of the Club and friends at Kathy’s today at 3:30 p.m.;

Mic Goulet’s luck in drawing the Jack, rather than Queen of Diamonds in today’s “50/50 Progressive Pot” drawing for $202;

Preview of Flint Institute of Music’s upcoming seasonal lineup of concert/shows.

and fines that included one by Greg Hilliker against Ken Cullen for stepping in to speak the invocation after Jack Proffitt had been asked to do so, followed by a fine by Dan against anyone who didn’t step in, a fine against Bill Reaves by Steve Schlott for “living closer than anyone else to where we sit but arriving after everyone else except Joe Farah”, a fine against Karen Lorenc for “thinking that the Pledge of Allegiance starts with ‘Sure’ “, and  a fine by John Farah against Steve Schlott for wearing a “Breakfast Flint” Club shirt.

Until next time, “Promise Yourself…”