Newsletter – May 30, 2024

Dave Huffman
June 7, 2024

Attendance and Atmosphere:

Fifteen Optimists gathered for this morning’s meeting, bringing a lively yet tame energy to the room.

Flushing SummerFest Updates: 

President Cindy once again highlighted the Flushing SummerFest, detailing tasks, timelines, and other arrangements. If you haven’t yet signed up for your work assignment during the June 19-23 timeframe, please reach out to Cindy. Note that our June 20 morning breakfast meeting might be either canceled or substituted with a work session at the refreshment tent—stay tuned for more details.

SHP Bed Deliveries: 

Jeff Gauger provided an update on recent SHP bed deliveries and announced plans for more deliveries and assemblies this morning. Jeff, along with Phil Holmblade, Jack Medemar, and Steve Schlott, are actively involved in this initiative to ensure more kids have comfortable beds to sleep in.

Guest Speaker: Dave Huffman: 

Michael Goulet introduced his longtime friend, Dave Huffman, as the morning’s speaker. Dave, a retired auto sales professional, has a keen interest in local politics and is running for the office of Treasurer of Flint Township. He shared his reasons for candidacy and noted that the campaign will be brief since the primary winner will advance to the general election unopposed. Thank you, Dave, for providing insight into the workings of local politics! (Photo of Dave and President Cindy included.)

Upcoming Program: 

Next week’s program, organized by Mic, will feature Tracy Tucker, the Economic Development Director for Flint Township.

Note from the Reporter: 

There might have been other significant events during the meeting, but if so, they were either missed or not recollected by your fill-in roving cub reporter.

Stay tuned for more updates and continue to support our community initiatives!