Newsletter – November 2, 2023

November 3, 2023


by Lieutenant Governor (and WFOC Member) Bill Reaves, with Sponsor Mic Goulet looking on. “Impending” President Cindy Sullivan was also present for the ceremony (see attached photo below). Shortly after Cherry’s induction, she was subject to fines, by Mic because “she has been a member for several seconds and still hasn’t done anything to promote international accord” and by Greg Hilliker for wearing her Halloween “Deer Hunter” costume! Sixteen members, including our own Bonnie Kelley, were present to welcome Cherry into the Club. As soon as the ceremony was completed, Mic fined Steve Schlott for wearing Mic’s royal garb.

Sign-up sheets circulated for

  • selection of names, ages, and interests of the Michigan School for the Deaf students for gifts ($25 limit each) to be distributed by the bearded guy at Signing Santa Pancake Breakfast at Liberty Family Diner on Pierson Road on December 13, 2023. Club will gather at 7:30 a.m., children and families will arrive at around 8, and Santa will arrive after kids have had a chance to swallow.), and
  • WFOC Installation Banquet at Warwick Hills on November 9, from 5:30-8:00 p.m., with menu of entree (Beef Stroganoff, Fish and Chips, Chicken Piccata, and Pasta Primavera or Chef Salad), side salad, and rolls for $20-25/person. Cash Bar available.

Other Announcements:

  • Salvation Army will have a speaker in later this month and we will finalize the date and schedule for our usual “Bell-Ringing at ELGA Credit Union
  • A representative from Hammer Restoration will be in to speak with us in the next few weeks, per Cindy.
  • Dan Crannie will be judging in a competitive event for female business leaders this week, having consulted with Gretchen Whitmer on the plane home from Philadelphia this past week.
  • Jeff Gauger noted that Sleep in Heavenly Peace had a successful Build Day in Millington, with over 50 volunteers generating parts for 42 beds (wood yet to be stained after drying). He also mentioned that Michigan has 11 SHP chapters and the nation has a total of 270.
  • Joe Farah reported that 5 members were present at the Lion’s Football Gamewatch Monday, emphasizing the value of Club social outings and events and encouraging responsible follow-through on commitments. (Not in this context, Joe also jokingly discussed the ongoing implicit ‘jail threat” having over our meetings and decried his being targeted by “historic insolence”, even mentioned that he might suggest bringing in the Sheriff for Club meetings and clarifying the roles and relationships of judge and sheriff in the general community.)

Mic Goulet bought the “lucky ticket” AND drew the Queen of Diamonds in the “Progressive 50/50 Pot” of $1468. Mic generously donated his winnings to the Club’s General Fund – Thanks, Mic! (psst- Don’t tell Deb!)

Until next time, “Promise Yourself…”

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