Newsletter – October 19, 2023

November 2, 2023

Rob Lo’Ree & “Bandit from “S.T.O.R.M.”

(Specialized Tactical Operations Rescue Mobilization) Search and Rescue, came to speak with us this morning. Rob is a member of the Ironworkers Union, a 6-year Special Forces veteran, a bedridden war-injured patient for three and one-half years, and a founder of this veteran-staffed and donor-funded organization that has rallied to serve in every hurricane since 2015. Along with his rescue (live) and recovery (cadaver) service dog (“Bandit”), Rob and his fellow vets go into target zones 2-3 days before expected hurricane landfall to establish weatherproof protected communication and command centers (sophisticated tents that provide satellite support to police, fire, and medical personnel when power is knocked out), “swiftwater” rescue and evacuation support near the onset of the storms, 9 days of emergency services (information and referral, communication support for families, food, clothing, and placement support), post-disaster recovery and relief services (including “211” calls with FEMA). With donations and current grant-eligibility, these experts in survival in hostile and difficult situations can carry out a 30-day mission on a $4,000 budget! Thanks, Rob and Bandit for your multifaceted and dedicated service!


  • Board has approved donations of Club money to Whaley Childrens Center, Old Newsboys, Salvation Army, and Sleep in Heavenly Peace.
  • Our Sleep in Heavenly Peace teams delivered and assembled 12 in the past couple weeks and have 10 left in storage to be done.
  • Phil Holmblade is still garnering support for the “Dime-A-Day” drive for the Optimist International Foundation, and 10 members have signed up so far.
  • Jeff Dennings has streamlined the Club’s accounting system in anticipation of ease of use for the next Treasurer. (hint, hint)
  • Rich Lewis’s mother passed this past week. Keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers.
  • Installation Banquet will be at Warwick Hills on November 9.
  • Detroit Lions play on Monday night – gamewatch at Joe Farah‘s; bring your own beverage choice.

Notable fines include one against Greg Hilliker for “not wearing shorts” and one against Joe Farah for “reopening fines when they had not been closed”.

Jeff Dennings got the “lucky ticket” but not the “lucky card” in the “Progressive 50/50”, worth approximately $450. Once again, he will not be allowed in the house by his disappointed spouse!

Until next time, “Promise Yourself…”