Newsletter – March 14, 2024

March 16, 2024

Candace Waggoner from “VOICES for Children”

talked about “the big blue house” which supports children who have been mistreated, providing trained personnel to interview, nurture, and walk through courtroom procedures if required with youngsters who have encountered tremendous stress and ife complications as a result of their mistreatment and the aftermath. Three specially furnished interview rooms with comfortable furniture, age-appropriate (3-17 years) and anatomically configured toys, appropriate treats and beverages are provided for multifaceted interviews that can last as long as 6 hours, and trained staff and volunteers provide therapeutic aftercare and ongoing support as long as it is needed. 127 youth have gone through this process in the past year, and the agency conducts a rough average of 7 interviews weekly. Candace is willing to arrange onsite walk-throughs of the program and facilities.

14 members and guests attended this morning’s breakfast meeting, with 


  • Salvation Army’s Volunteer Appreciation Dinner (see photo below) on Thursday, March 21, to which we have been invited by Joy Peterman. (Please plan to attend!)
  • Jeff Gauger will be part of the team for delivery and assembly of the last 6 beds of the 49 built at the recent Build Day for Sleep in Heavenly Peace. The next Build Day is scheduled for April 19 wil replenish the supply, and another is scheduled for May.
  • Cindy Sullivan’s departure from the catering/restaurant operations means that she is making available chafing dishes, serving platters, trays, and various eating dishes for organizations like churches that might have use for these.
  • Cups and other supplies have been purchased, and the licensing and tent set-up plans and processes are underway for the Flushing SummerFest (June 19-21), and plans are to solicit sponsorship at different levels and run 2 cooler raffles in conjunction with the beverage tent staffing.

The fines flew freely and generated enough to boost the “50/50 Progressive Pot” up to $766, but no one drew the Queen of Diamond this morning, so it continues to grow!

Until next time, “Promise Yourself…”