Newsletter – March 28, 2024

April 2, 2024

15 members and 2 guests gathered for breakfast and conversation at Valley’s this morning, catching up on Rose Schlott’s recovery from back surgery (Steve is home with her so that she is not alone while  her pain medication diminishes) and other news:

Cherry Givens sang 3 original songs that she wrote for a recent event at her church, and she might possibly be convinced to demonstrate these for us or for SummerFest attendees. ( – hint, hint!)

Jeff Gauger reports that the last bed left from our most recent Build Day has been delivered and assembled and that April 7 is a “fun- and fund-raiser” event for Sleep in Heavenly Peace at Flushing Moose lodge (on North Elms Road) – Spaghetti Dinner, Bake Sale and Silent Auction from 3-6 p.m..  Brace yourselves for another Build Day on April 19 with GCI!

Jeff Dennings has lined up T-shirts for SummerFest volunteers, and Jim Reigle has obtained access to tables and chairs for the beverage tent. It’s time to think about soliciting sponsors!

Lashawnda Spears (see photo above), a Red Cross supervisor introduced by Jeff Gauger, spoke about platelet donation – a 3-hour procedure in which whole blood is taken from one arm, platelets are removed by a machine outside the body, and the remaining blood is put back into the body through the other arm. Although the donation of platelets takes longer than giving whole blood, donations can be made more frequently, with fewer tests and the number of patients benefiting is greater than the whole blood donations. Jeff has been a regular platelet donor since his offspring required heart surgery and inspired his gratitude.

Tammy Schild (shown with Jeff Dennings in photo below) told us about “The SuperPatch Company”  and demonstrated how plastic patches with ridges placed on the skin is “braille for the brain” in sorting out brain/body signals for various purported health and performance goals. The patches are named and specifically designated for sleep support, agility and balance, pain relief, mood management, and attentional focus. Thank you, Bill Reaves, for introducing this interesting concept.

Today’s silly fines included one against Cherry for arriving for the “lunch” meeting, a fine against Greg Hillliker “because Steve’s not here”, and another against Rich Lewis for failure to shake hands with the other members despite having a fully functional right hand.

The “50/50 Progressive Pot” remains unclaimed (despite Jack Proffitt’s holding of the “lucky” ticket) for the current $866 prize.

Programs: (Steve Schlott is this month’s Chair)

  • April 4 – Mindy Williams (Whaley)
  • April 11 – Joe Karlichek (Flushing Mayor)
  • April 18 – ?
  • April 25 – Tony Sitka and CANUSA folk

Until next time, “Promise Yourself…”