Newsletter – July 20, 2023

July 24, 2023

Becky Martin, from B Light Ministries,

spoke with us today about her work for the last 7 years with “neighborhood friends”, feeding as many as 90 people who come in for a meal every Monday night. Donated food (including excess from wedding receptions, funeral dinners, and catering events)  and a grant from Thrivent are passed out freely by volunteers who have also cooked or rewarmed the meals and prepared them for distribution. In addition, information and connections to showers, laundry, warming/cooling locations, and referrals to other support organizations (like Crossover) are provided. Donations and volunteers are welcomed! (President Bill Reaves can provide contact information.)



Prez Bill reminded all 15 of us of a Board meeting tonight at 6:30 p.m. (Zoom).

Prez Bill announced the Music Festival at Holy Spirit Lutheran Church in Grand Blanc on Saturday, July 22. (Now past, the Festival did have great music, 5 excellent food trucks, and at least 10 Optimist-connected folks at the event!)

Joe Farah has offered to have the Club come to his home on Thursday, September 7, for viewing the Detroit Lions season opener with Kansas City Chiefs and pleasurable social interaction with “pizza, cookies, and beverages”. (More information to follow as numbers are confirmed.)

Cindy Sullivan will be giving us updates about our role/involvement with Flushing’s 2023 “Harvest Fest” on October 7.

Last night, Dan Crannie was part of a quickly organized “Boats, Bucks, and Beverage” event on Lake Fenton with Flint City Bucks soccer players (many  of them young folks who had never been on watercraft) and at the local Moose Lodge.

Bill Hentgen noted Capitol Theatre has added Leann Rimes to this season’s event calendar, with tickets moving fast, even with as much as a $100 price tag!



July 27 – Greg Dietrich, Mundy Twp.

August 3 – Jeff Natchez, Greater Flint Area Sports Hall of Fame



Fines passed against Dan Crannie for (presumably) “contributing to the delinquency of minors” by taking them to the Moose lodge and allowing inexperienced drivers to participate in the Pontoon Parade, against Cindy Sullivan and Jeff Gauger for “holding their own meeting” and being “slow learners”, and “against the whole Club” by Jeff Dennings who realized late that Steve Schlott is still King and would not be paying fines.

Jim Reigle drew both the “lucky” ticket and the less lucky Jack of Diamonds in today’s “50/50 Progressive Pot”, now up to $680.