Newsletter – June 13, 2024

Newsletter – June 13, 2024

Tim Jones, Communication Director of this area’s very important “9-1-1” service was introduced by Mic Goulet to talk about the functions, costs, and coverage in this critical operation. 460,000 calls per year, “one every 75 seconds”, go through this system, dispatching police, fire, and EMS vehicles and personnel to most areas in the county via “911-owned” radios placed with each unit. (Fenton is not part of the consortium and has its own emergency system.) 8 trained “call-takers”, 6 dispatchers at a time (35 certified dispatchers in total), and supervisors work stressful 12-hour shifts, with all calls recorded and available as evidence in various proceedings. The service has been running at a deficit despite its $8.5M budget and is paid for with a surcharge to every 10-digit phone used by the population -a proposed increase of $1.14 for each phone will help the system maintain service quality and be stable for the near future.

Side note: Tim was part of the Flint Township Bicycle Patrol several years ago and helped out with our Optimist Club Bicycle Rodeo (registering, training, and repairing bicycles for kids in the area).

Twenty of us gathered for breakfast this morning to hear Tim speak and to share in news and frivolities, and there were 3 familiar and welcome faces – Joe Bushey (member and former President of the Breakfast Club that merged with WFOC several years ago), Joe Cozart (transferring his membership to WFOC), and Loren Crandell (current President of Grand Blanc Optimists). (My apologies to Joe Bushey for my awkward wording in the original post that did not not reflect his membership status and convey my pleasure at seeing him in the meeting!)

We heard Jack Medemar announce the Free Dental Clinic this weekend at Dort Financial Event Center (X-rays, cleanings, extractions, etc. at no charge on “first-come first-served” basis), noting that he will be there on Friday providing excellent professional service.

Jim Reigle brought in a photo of his grandfather’s Optimist Club group showing their successful catch on a fishing event in the 1930s, helping to explain Jim’s ongoing tradition of Club participation and flashy shirts!

Steve Schlott noted the passing of former Breakfast Club member Bill Hill and passed around a condolence card to send to Bill’s family.

Loren Crandell noted that his Grand Blanc Club has promoted the winning Oratorical Contest winner for each of the past 2 years.

Jeff Gauger announced that 14 more Sleep in Heavenly Peace beds have been assembled last week, and today’s planned 17 assemblies will take the total number of kids receiving new beds over 400!

Bill Reaves announced that the Optimist Michigan District Governor-Elect Sean Mueller will be at our Summerfest beverage tent this coming week.

Dan Crannie fined everyone who has not already sold at least 10 Raffle tickets for the filled YETI cooler.

Jeff Dennings paid a fine for failing to produce  his guest Scott Staley as promised.

Mic paid a fine by Jeff for “swooing” (?? cross between swooning and wooing?) a relative of Jeff’s.

Jack Medemar successfully passed a fine against all who did not “pre-pay” fines. (Preposterous! or “prepaysterous”?) 

Jeff Dennings drew the right ticket but the wrong card in this week’s  “50/50 Progressive Pot” drawing for $378.

Until next time, “Promise Yourself…”

West Flint Optimists and Flushing Rotary Join Forces for Sleep In Heavenly Peace

West Flint Optimists and Flushing Rotary Join Forces for Sleep In Heavenly Peace

Every night, as children across the United States lay down to rest, some face a heart-wrenching reality – they don’t have a bed to sleep in. It’s a simple comfort that many of us take for granted, but for these children, it’s a dream they have yet to realize. That’s where the West Flint Optimist Club and the Flushing Rotary Club come into the picture, working together to make a difference in the lives of these youngsters. On Saturday, February 3, 2024, at 8:30 am, the two clubs will unite at Signs By Crannie, owned by West Flint Optimist Club member Dan Crannie, to build beds for the non-profit organization, Sleep In Heavenly Peace. This joint effort is not only a testament to the power of collaboration but also a shining example of what can be achieved when communities come together to #celebratecommunity.

West Flint Optimist Club: More Than Just an Optimist

The West Flint Optimist Club, a vibrant and community-oriented organization, has been serving the Flint area for decades. Their mission, as described on their website (, is to “bring out the best in kids.” And they’ve been doing just that through various initiatives and projects that focus on youth development, education, and community involvement.

From organizing scholarships to supporting local schools and youth programs, the West Flint Optimist Club has consistently demonstrated their commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of children in their community. It’s no surprise that they’ve eagerly embraced the opportunity to collaborate with the Flushing Rotary Club and Sleep In Heavenly Peace to provide children with a fundamental necessity – a bed to sleep in.

Flushing Rotary Club: Building a Better Tomorrow

The Flushing Rotary Club, a dynamic service organization, shares a similar passion for community betterment. Their dedication to the local community is evident from their active involvement in various projects, all aimed at improving the lives of those they serve. A visit to their website ( showcases their motto: “Service Above Self.”

Rotarians are known for their global reach and local impact, and the Flushing Rotary Club is no exception. Their commitment to making a difference aligns perfectly with the mission of the West Flint Optimist Club, making their collaboration a natural fit. Through their generous partial sponsorship of funding, the Flushing Rotary Club has played a significant role in making this bed-building project possible.

Sleep In Heavenly Peace: Building Beds, Building Dreams

Now, let’s shine a spotlight on the organization that will ultimately benefit from this joint effort – Sleep In Heavenly Peace. Their mission is as straightforward as it is heartwarming: “No Kid Sleeps on the Floor in Our Town.” This noble cause resonates deeply with everyone involved in the upcoming bed-building event.

Sleep In Heavenly Peace (SHP), as detailed on their website (, is a non-profit organization that focuses on providing safe, comfortable beds to children who would otherwise be sleeping on the floor. Founded on the belief that every child deserves a good night’s sleep, SHP operates through a network of local chapters, one of which is right here in Flushing, Michigan.

The Flushing chapter of SHP is passionate about addressing this critical issue in their community. They work tirelessly to build, deliver, and assemble beds for families in need, ensuring that children have a warm and secure place to lay their heads. The impact of their work reaches far beyond the physical act of building beds; it instills hope, comfort, and a sense of belonging in the hearts of these children.

Coming Together for a Greater Cause

The collaboration between the West Flint Optimist Club, the Flushing Rotary Club, and Sleep In Heavenly Peace represents more than just building beds. It’s a symbol of unity, compassion, and the power of community.

By working together, these two influential organizations are not only addressing a pressing issue but also demonstrating the importance of cooperation in today’s world. The joint effort echoes the nationwide agreement between Optimist International and Rotary International to promote cooperation and community, as encapsulated by the hashtag #celebratecommunity.

On the morning of Saturday, February 3, 2024, members of the West Flint Optimist Club and the Flushing Rotary Club will converge at Signs By Crannie. There, they will roll up their sleeves, pick up their tools, and start crafting beds that will become a haven for children in need. Each nail hammered, each piece of wood cut, and each bed assembled represents a step toward a brighter future for these children.

It’s a heartwarming display of what can be achieved when like-minded individuals and organizations come together to make a difference. The children who will receive these beds won’t just be sleeping better; they’ll be dreaming bigger. They’ll know that their community cares about them, and that sense of belonging can have a profound impact on their lives.

In Conclusion

As we look forward to the bed-building event on February 3, 2024, we’re reminded of the incredible potential for positive change when organizations like the West Flint Optimist Club and the Flushing Rotary Club join forces with Sleep In Heavenly Peace. Together, they are not only providing beds but also hope, comfort, and a sense of belonging to children who need it the most.

So, mark your calendars, and join us in celebrating this remarkable collaboration that embodies the spirit of #celebratecommunity. Together, we can make sure that no child in our town sleeps on the floor, and we can build a brighter, more compassionate future for all.


Newsletter – May 23, 2024

Newsletter – May 23, 2024

Mic Goulet awarded by Optimist International and Lt. Gov. Bill Reaves for his many contributions to the Club and the community, most notably for having recruited and sponsored a fifth Club member. Mic spent some time in today’s meeting recounting (with exhibits)...

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Newsletter – May 16, 2024

Newsletter – May 16, 2024

Member Jeff Gauger (far left in photo) introduced (l-r in photo) Denina Peacock (Work-Based Learning Coordinator), Timothy (Job Corps residential student) and  Shane Loose (Training Manager) from Flint Genesee Job Corps, and they told us about their beautiful 21-acre...

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Newsletter – May 9, 2024

Newsletter – May 9, 2024

Sheila Gafney, officially “retired” but still involved with Special Olympics, spoke to the group of 14 attendees about the upcoming Special Olympic Games. Locally, we will support them with our presence for the Softball Throw Friday at Carman-Ainsworth Middle School...

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